I had the pleasure of working on the Westfield Miranda app during my time at Oomph. I was tasked with designing the layouts of the different sections based on supplied content, which consisted of text content, interactive maps, data charts, centre maps and such.

My goal was to create a user-friendly, intuitive experience for the Westfield sales consultants to use, so they can effectively pitch to the clients with their valuable sales information accessible at the touch of a finger.

In this project, I have also designed an infographic based on information from the client's supplied excel spreadsheets. It is fully interactive and animated.

My roles in this project:

  • Design layouts for each page based on supplied content.
  • Design interactive elements to enhance the user experience.
  • Craft engaging animations and infographics to delight users.
  • Create simple and at times, complex interactions to support the relevant content.
William Cai