Jurlique is a client from when I worked at Oomph as a digital designer. 

The brief was to create an interactive kiosk app that would educate Jurlique's customers about the company's history and vision, as well as provide a self-serve skin consultation to help the customer choose the right products.

Jurlique has a very large range of products across different categories, part of the challenge was designing and incorporating all of those products into the app, and linking them to the skin consultation service. The app needed a short turnaround and had to work offline due to potential complications with network connections, so it was not feasible for the app to be designed to connect to an online database to fetch information.

Eventually I proposed an offline solution that was able to make use of web technologies and work inline with the Oomph digital publishing platform, and we were successful in turning around the app with full functionality. The app was then translated to several languages and deployed across to Jurlique's Australian, US, China, and Japanese stores.

My roles in this project:

  • Design responsive and functional templates for different sections such as the skin consultation, contents, and product pages.
  • Craft an intuitive user experience for users, using Oomph digital publishing suite's set of interactive features. e.g. deep linking, embedded HTML/Javascript.
  • Create each template using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  • Coordinate with the project's lead-developer to create a modular structure for the Ruby back-end, and make changes to the relevant assets when updates occur.
William Cai